Monday, January 23, 2012

Hot Cheetos

So today makes exactly one week for me and Gilly!! Yeah, only a week I know but still. Its important lol. Had fun hanging with him this weekend in Macclenny...turns out I went to see mom Saturday evening to pick up something. Gil took me and all mom and I did was argue and disagree as usual. Apparently, theres still some "changes" I have to make. Which I really dont know what those would be...there is nothing I need to change. I told her I am not going to change myself and my personality and the way I think and feel just to please her and the rest of the family. She really didn't like that comment but whatever. I am getting to where I do not care anymore. Things will never change between us. But anyway, I see Gil Wednesday. Hes gonna help me file my taxes online. Yay. Hopefully I get some money back!!! Could really use it right now. Well, anyway thats all thats new. Fixing to go eat dinner so Im out bloggers. Toodles. 

By the way, I called this post Hot Cheetos because I am craving hot cheetos. :) 

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