Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just Amazing

Well just got home a little while ago from hanging out with Gilly. I love him so much. We just kinda hung out at his apartment. Chilled and watched movies. Its cool that I can do those simple things with him and it be great each and every time. We don't have to always go somewhere or go out to dinner or anything like that. It can be simple and still awesome. I guess that is what I like most about our relationship so far. Which by the way, we have almost been dating a week lol. Oh! And on the way home, we stopped by his Nana's work and I got to meet her for the first time! I have chatted with her on Facebook before but meeting her in person was even better. I love meeting Gilly's family. I feel like I have a really good connection with all of them and they make me feel like I have a family again, something I didn't think could even be possible. And going bowling with him and his family tomorrow night. Gonna spend the night in Macclenny and will be back sometime tomorrow. Too excited. Everything is perfect. Well later bloggers. :)

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