Sunday, January 15, 2012

Putting Myself First

Another long day. Just spent the day with my aunt. Also got a text from Chris saying I left my shoes in his car so he came by to drop them off....and along with that, he brought me a card and flowers.....the card pretty much was an apology and he wants me to take him back and work things out. Which I am really not interested in. The fact that he brought me flowers made me feel so guilty but I can't date someone again just because I am sad for the way they I said in the last post, gotta put myself first before others...even if it hurts. But I think besides that, everything seems ok. Just been resting up since I was sick the past few days but feeling so much better, thank God. Well getting off here to go eat dinner. Later bloggers....
Oh and by the way, really excited about Tuesday....hanging with my bestest friend which will really help me take my mind off things :)

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