Tuesday, January 31, 2012

You Da One

Hello bloggers! Haven't posted in a while now. Gotten kinda lazy with it but Gil is always asking me to post....dont know why. I guess he just likes to know what Im thinking. Well, yesterday made two weeks for Gilly and I. Can't believe we have already been dating that long. But its awesome. Hanging out with him tomorrow. Going to see about a job with his aunt actually! It would be full time and it pays good so I really hope I get it. Going to give them my resume and see what happens. If I get this job, and if Gil finds a job soon, we hope to save up so that we can move in together. That would be amazing. Yeah its a big step to only be dating two weeks but I have known Gil for six months so it's not weird at all and seems right. And we feel like we are both ready for it. So that's our goal that we set for ourselves. Just hope we can make it happen and soon. I know he wants to move out of his apartment with his roommates and I love living here with my aunt, but I do want some independence and to learn to do things on my own and moving out of here is the best way to do it. I have never really moved in with a guy, just him and I so it will be new for me. For both of us. But I feel as if it will just make our relationship stronger and it will grow even more. We have already been looking into apartments and how much things will cost so we are definitely serious about all of this. So that is what's new with us. And I got a phone call yesterday....from my mother. I never gave her my new number and neither did my aunt so I have no idea how she got it. She wouldn't tell me either. But anyway, she called and didn't really have much to say. She just kept asking me what I was doing, why I was dating Gil, do I have a job, blah, blah, blah. I just don't get it. How can she just disappear out of my life and then just randomly call me and start playing 20 questions?? So I just pretty much told her I'm doing okay but I just can't answer her questions because they are really none of her business. And I think she is still disappointed that I broke up with Chris, whom she thought was the perfect guy for me and all. Mostly because she knew him before I did and because he had money. But I just didn't see anything between us, and that upsets her I suppose. She asked me on the phone why I was dating someone that isn't my type and Chris was so different and all that. And I realized something at that point....the reason my mom liked Chris was because she liked him for her reasons only. She doesn't like who I am dating now because she doesn't know him and she knows she can't control the relationship. And so what Gil doesn't have money like Chris did? I don't have a job either and I am NOT going to date some guy just for his money. That is stupid. I would never use someone like that. I am over Chris and want nothing more to do with him but I feel like my mom still pressures it on me. But anyway, the conversation between us got nowhere as usual. And apart of me just wanted to hang up the phone on her, but another part of me wanted to still talk to her even when the conversation ended because I really do miss her. But I feel as if she really and truly missed me she wouldn't have argued on the phone. She wouldve said she missed me and maybe apologized or invite me to dinner or something where we could talk things out. But mom doesnt do that. But whether my mom likes it or not, I am finally getting happy again and she's not gonna mess that up. I do have the perfect guy that loves me for who I am and takes care of me and who I see a future with. And I am living my life to please myself, not others. And as soon as I get that job and get my life started, I am going to move in with Gil, because that is what I want. And that's all that matters.

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